Graham Fairclough

Graham Fairclough, Principal Research Associate, McCord Centre, Newcastle University

Graham will speak on Friday the third of September 09:00 AM, on the subject: Florence and Faro - the Relevance of Two Conventions for Life in Major Cities.

Graham, by original training (and still, he says, by temperament) an archaeologisk, had a long career in heritage management and landscape policy and research with English Heritage. He has joined Newcastle University as a researcher and policy advisor on heritage and landscape issues focusing primarly on historic landscape, interdisciplinary landscape studies, new heritage ideas and archaeological resource management. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the University`s new McCord Centre for Historical and Cultural Landscape.

Graham has worked extensively in the European context, notably with the Council of Europe and with several European research networks and projects. He currently co-ordinates JPI Cultural Heritage project `CHeriScape´, and is joint editor (with Paul Stamper) of the journal Landscapes. He is a Director of the Landscape Research Group (LRG) and has been involved in many other academic and professional organisations. He has published widely, most recently as co-editor (with Elizabeth Auclair) Theory and Practice in Heritage and Sustainability: Between past and future, in the new series Routhledge Studies in Culture and Sustainable Development (2015).