Thomas Elmqvist

Thomas Elmqvist, Professor, Natural Resource Management, Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University.

Thomas will speak on the third of September at 14:00 AM on the subject: Ecosystem Services in Large Cities.

Thomas has focused his research on ecosystem services, land use change, urbanization, natural disturbances and components of resilience including the role of social institutions. He serves as associated editor for the journals Ecology and Society, Conservation and Society, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability Science. He has led the Cities and Biodiversity project, currently leading the Future Earth project "What is Urban" and he is part of the scoping expert group on regional and subregional assessments for IPBES.

He has recently written, together with colleagues from the Resilience Center, a summary of 15 years of research in the Stockholm urban region:

"That urban planning strategies need to acknowledge ecological and social synergies has been a mantra from centre researches for a long time, particularly since two-thirds of the world population will soon live in cities. Stockholm is no exception."

"Our work in Stockholm has helped reveal green areas and ecosystem services not previously perceived in urban planning and clarified mismatches between institutions, governance and urban ecosystems for human well-being."

That research has for example revealed that the preservation of the highly valued recreational oak-dominated landscapes of the city´s national urban park benefits from seed dispersing birds that also need coniferous forest outside the park.

"The importance and potential of urban planning highlight the need for more research in the resource scarce cities of the global south where the role played by planning is smaller."